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Programs and Services

Health Services



Botika ng Bayan

Benefiting more than two hundred thirty four thousand (234,000) patients in general medicines and more than ten thousand (10,000) in maintenance medicines



Medical and Dental Missions

Monthly medical and dental missions in different barangays


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Distribution of School Supplies

Benefiting 6,644 students since year 2008



Scholarship Programs

Benefiting more or less 700 students annually


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Sports Programs

Aims at promoting sportsmanship among residents of Binangonan



Inter-Barangay Basketball League



Inter-Barangay Volleyball Tournament


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Peace and Order


Traffic Management

24/7 visibility Traffic Management Group (TMG)

Environmental Protection and Administration

binangonan-land-use-mapBinangonan Land Use Map

A land use map identified by Municipal Planning and Development Office (MPDO) for proper land utilization


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Other Services



Municipal ID

 Resident identification issued by the Office of the Municipal Mayor for permanent residents of Binangonan


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