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Office of the Municipal Legal Officer


Accomplishments, Plans and Programs for the Year 2017

The Municipal Legal Office resolves all cases regarding former and present employees and continues to give assistance in legal matters concerning the municipal constituents, elective officials and municipal employees. It also renders legal opinions brought before by any employee or officer of the Municipality.


Organization & Management

 Atty. Ferdinand C. Perez  Municipal Legal Officer
 Froilan C. Certeza  Admin. Aide I
 Leizel C. Cloza  Admin. Aide I
 John William M. Ceñal  Job Order
 Pilipinas Piñon  Job Order


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist the Provincial Attorney in civil case wherein the municipality and/or its officials is/are a party;
  • Attends court cases and prepares/ submits Motions, Complaints, and other pleadings if required by the Court;
  • Prepares and submits Legal Opinions concerning matters involving the different departments of the Municipality, brought before the office;
  • Administers oath and performs such other functions as maybe provided by law, including functions as a member of various committees and attending its meeting thereto;
  • Prepares/ reviews/ revises Memoranda of Agreement, Contracts and other agreements involving the Municipality;
  • Investigates and reports to the Municipal Mayor any case brought to this office, involving person/s, firm/s or corporation/s holding or exercising a franchise or public privilege in the Municipality;
  • Prepares legal documents, i.e. Affidavits, Counter Affidavits, Deeds, Pleadings etc;
  • Compiles and maintains records of incoming and outgoing communications;
  • Prepares letter and other correspondence for the signature of the Mayor;
  • Performs such other functions as may be ordered by the Municipal Mayor;



a. Cases with Favorable Decision

Municipal Government of Binangonan vs Rosario Villar (Case Withdrawn)
People of the Philippines vs. Collantes Et. Al. (Case Dismissed)

b. Cases Pending Trial before the RTC and/or MTC
(Criminal Case)

People of the Philippines vs. Baygar
Criminal Case No. 11-091 up to 11-092
(MTC-2 Binangonan, Rizal) Prosecution witness being presented.

Municipal Government of Binangonan vs. Rodolfo L. See & Leticia Pua
SCA Case No. 15-007
(RTC Branch 68, Binangonan, Rizal)

Municipal Government of Binangonan vs. Danilo D. Superiano
(Provincial Prosec. Office of Rizal, Hilltop, Taytay, Rizal)

Hon. Cecilio M. Ynares vs. Dante Salud, Danilo Supriano, Gerry Paule, Ronnie Gatdula, Enrique Asuncion, Jesus Tolosa
Nps No. XV-18C-INV-16C-00936-38
For: Violation of Municipal Ord. and Reckless Imprudence

Municipality vs. Jeremy Bacolod (DENR)
Nature of Complaint - Open Burning of Solid Waste


IV. Plans and Programs for Calendar 2017

  1. This office is inclined to continue to help our constituents with their problem on the so-called Guido State.
  2. This office will try to resolve all cases regarding former employees.
  3. This office will try to resolve with dispatch problems of the constituents regarding right of way.
  4. This office will continue to give assistance on legal matters both to the constituents, elective officials and municipal employees.
  5. This office will hear case on administrative complaints against erring employees.
  6. This office will be the frontline on complaints against human rights violations.
  7. Such other matter relative to the purpose in which the office is created.


Atty. Ferdinand C. Perez
Municipal Legal Officer



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