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Departments & Sections



Programs/ Activities/ Projects

  • Management of Transactions/ Monitoring
  • Daily Collection of Wharf Fees
    - Collection of Fees
    - Issuance of Tickets
  • Supervise Activities at Fishport
    - Issuance of Fish Clearance
  • Maintenance of Cleanliness
  • Keeping/ Recording Daily Collection Reports
    - Monitoring Papers for Provincial Capitol
    - Remittance Report for Municipality of Binangonan
  • Repair and Maintenance of Wharf Area
    - Continuation of Repair/ Maintenance of the Concignacion Area
    - Repair and Maintenance of the roofings of the Pritil/ Kubol Area
    - Maintenance and beautification on the Wharf Office
    - Construction of the gates in the other pritil areas



Landtax Office


Program/ Project/ Activity

  • Issuance of Official Receipt/ Receiving payment of RPT
  • Preparation of Abstract/ Collection Report
  • Records Payment of RPT on Index Card
  • Issuance of Tax Clearance
  • Attend Training & Seminar
  • Support the Municipal Mayor in the implementation of Municipal Programs
  • Intensification of Tax Campaign Program  (Business and RPT)
    - Preparation of Notice of Tax Delinquency
    - Serving Notices through house to house and by mail to various delinquent taxpayers


Mr. Edgardo M. Ubiadas



Office of the Municipal Treasurer


Program/ Project/ Activity

  • Intensification of Tax Campaign Program (Business and RPT)
    - Preparation of Notice of Tax Delinquency
    - Serving Notices through house to house and by mail to various delinquent taxpayers
    - Information dissemination on Public Auction and Compromise Agreement on Delinquent taxpayers
  • Implementation of Provisions of Regulation Practice relative to Weight and Measures
    - Inspection/ Calibration of instruments for determining weight and measures in all consumer-related instruments
  • Issuance of Official Receipt
  • Verification, checking, depositing and recording of daily collections
  • Verification of processed vouchers payroll and its disbursements
  • Preparation of Daily, Monthly and Annual Statement of Collections and Deposit, Statement of Receipts and Expenditures and Report of Issued Official Receipts
  • Monitoring of Accountable Form and Fund Cash Stability
  • Attend Training and Seminar
  • Support the Mun. Mayor in the Implementation of Municipal Programs



Office of the Municipal Legal Officer


Accomplishments, Plans and Programs for the Year 2017

The Municipal Legal Office resolves all cases regarding former and present employees and continues to give assistance in legal matters concerning the municipal constituents, elective officials and municipal employees. It also renders legal opinions brought before by any employee or officer of the Municipality.


Organization & Management

 Atty. Ferdinand C. Perez  Municipal Legal Officer
 Froilan C. Certeza  Admin. Aide I
 Leizel C. Cloza  Admin. Aide I
 John William M. Ceñal  Job Order
 Pilipinas Piñon  Job Order


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist the Provincial Attorney in civil case wherein the municipality and/or its officials is/are a party;
  • Attends court cases and prepares/ submits Motions, Complaints, and other pleadings if required by the Court;
  • Prepares and submits Legal Opinions concerning matters involving the different departments of the Municipality, brought before the office;
  • Administers oath and performs such other functions as maybe provided by law, including functions as a member of various committees and attending its meeting thereto;
  • Prepares/ reviews/ revises Memoranda of Agreement, Contracts and other agreements involving the Municipality;
  • Investigates and reports to the Municipal Mayor any case brought to this office, involving person/s, firm/s or corporation/s holding or exercising a franchise or public privilege in the Municipality;
  • Prepares legal documents, i.e. Affidavits, Counter Affidavits, Deeds, Pleadings etc;
  • Compiles and maintains records of incoming and outgoing communications;
  • Prepares letter and other correspondence for the signature of the Mayor;
  • Performs such other functions as may be ordered by the Municipal Mayor;



a. Cases with Favorable Decision

Municipal Government of Binangonan vs Rosario Villar (Case Withdrawn)
People of the Philippines vs. Collantes Et. Al. (Case Dismissed)

b. Cases Pending Trial before the RTC and/or MTC
(Criminal Case)

People of the Philippines vs. Baygar
Criminal Case No. 11-091 up to 11-092
(MTC-2 Binangonan, Rizal) Prosecution witness being presented.

Municipal Government of Binangonan vs. Rodolfo L. See & Leticia Pua
SCA Case No. 15-007
(RTC Branch 68, Binangonan, Rizal)

Municipal Government of Binangonan vs. Danilo D. Superiano
(Provincial Prosec. Office of Rizal, Hilltop, Taytay, Rizal)

Hon. Cecilio M. Ynares vs. Dante Salud, Danilo Supriano, Gerry Paule, Ronnie Gatdula, Enrique Asuncion, Jesus Tolosa
Nps No. XV-18C-INV-16C-00936-38
For: Violation of Municipal Ord. and Reckless Imprudence

Municipality vs. Jeremy Bacolod (DENR)
Nature of Complaint - Open Burning of Solid Waste


IV. Plans and Programs for Calendar 2017

  1. This office is inclined to continue to help our constituents with their problem on the so-called Guido State.
  2. This office will try to resolve all cases regarding former employees.
  3. This office will try to resolve with dispatch problems of the constituents regarding right of way.
  4. This office will continue to give assistance on legal matters both to the constituents, elective officials and municipal employees.
  5. This office will hear case on administrative complaints against erring employees.
  6. This office will be the frontline on complaints against human rights violations.
  7. Such other matter relative to the purpose in which the office is created.


Atty. Ferdinand C. Perez
Municipal Legal Officer



Office of the Municipal Agriculturist

Plans and Programs

I. Crops Development

A. Rice

1. Promotion of increased Rice Production

- Season Long Training (16 weeks) on Organic Traditional Rice Production/ Farm Mechanization

- Improvement of irrigation facilities (subsidies to deep-well) and repair of irrigation canals and dikes; provision of irrigation motor and pipes

- Subsidized HYV rice seeds to qualified farmers

- Rice Self-Sufficiency Mandate to LGUs from the National Government

- Amendments and strong political will to land conversion of agricultural areas

2. Establishment/ Strengthening of "Tindahang Pangsakahan or Agricultural Bagsakan Center" thru the Binangonan Municipal Farmers  Federation (BMFFI) and Municipal Agriculture & Fishery Council (MAFC) to cater to farmers necessary agricultural inputs and establish fair market prices in coordination with proper agencies

3. Acquisition of Composting Facilities

- production of organic fertilizer/organic rice that command better prices in the market

- minimize production costs

- promote physical health and friendly environment

4. Educational tours to agriculture-related sites and facilities for the farmers to adopt improved production technologies

5. Provision of Farm Equipments and Machineries (Mobile Rice Mill, Rice Transplanter/ harvester, etc.) through grants and loans

6. Agricultural production loans for marginalized farmers subject to validation


B. Plans and Programs on High Value Commercial Crops (HVCDP)

1. Promote hybridization of vegetable seeds for quality farming and encourage vegetable farmers the method of organic production.

2. To increase vegetable production in entire Binangonan and to make Food Basket in terms of vegetable thru advanced technology and determine marketing system and strategies.

3. Training/ Seminars to enhance practical skills of farmers and for sustainability of vegetable farmers and for the sustainability of vegetable production

- Cut Flower Production

- Asexual Plant Propagation

- Hydrophonics

- Vermi Culture

4. Lakbay-Aral to agriculture-related site and facilities to enable farmers observe and gain on-site experience and knowledge and adopt it to improve their production technologies


II. Livestock Development

1. Preservation of Wildlife Species and endangered animals thru IEC to academe and LGUs

2. Vaccination of at least 70% of dogs (about 21,000 hds.) for this year

3. Massive Huli-Aso Operation to eradicate rabies incidence and enhance depopulation via euthanization and mass castration of dogs; IEC on Rabies Awareness

4. Dispersal/ re-dispersal of goats, carabao, and cattle for listed livestock farmers after orientation on the scheme

5. Establishment of Municipal Artificial Insemination Center to produce quality animal breeds of hogs/ swine and cattle for livestock farmer-members in Binangonan

6. Acquisition of carabull, conduct seminar for dairy/ cheese production and cheese milk products for additional income

7. Seminar on Free-Range Chicken Production and FFS on Livestock Production


III. Fisheries Development

1. Strengthening of our Municipal Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council (MFARMC)

2. Continuous coordination with national agencies like BFAR for fingerlings assistance to increase average fish catch of fisher folks

3. Dispersal of Tilapia fingerlings to registered fisher folks association in the municipality

4. Livelihood seminars for housewives & children of fishermen like fish processing, canning, etc.

5. Continuous Fisherfolks Registration as municipal or national reference for economic planning

6. Provision of fishing gears & equipments to registered fisherfolks in the municipality

7. Conduct study or seminar on Freshwater Mangrove Production


IV. Institutional Development

1. Strengthen existing institutional orgranization accredited by LGU namely:

a. Municipal Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council (MFARMC)

b. Binangonan Municipal Farmers Federation, Inc. (BMFFI)

c. Municipal Vegetable Industry Council (MVIC)

d. Municipal Agriculture and Fishery Council (MAFC)

e. Backyard Hog Raisers Association

f. 4H Club


V. Environmental Development Assistance

Environmental management and river rehabilatation assistance through continuous request or purchase of shade and fruit tree seedlings from DENR  and LLDA for distribution to requesting barangays, schools, lakeshore and denuded forest. Continuous tree planting activities, clean-up and de-siltation of canals, rivers and lakes.




Office of the General Services


Plans and Programs for the Year 2017

  1. Procurement of IT equipment
  2. Provision for maintenance
  3. Procurement of furnitures and fixtures
  4. Procurement of two (2) units grasscutter
  5. Procurement of ladder
  6. Procurement of buggy cart
  7. Procurement of floor polisher
  8. Procurement of service motor vehicle
  9. Procurement of heavy equipment
  10. Procurement of generator
  11. Procurement of aircondition
  12. Continue repair and maintenance of municipal service vehicle
  13. Continue processing of important papers and documents
  14. Continue repair and maintenance of municipal building and other public structures
  15. Procurement of office supplies of different department
  16. Procurement of medicines and medical, dental and laboratory supplies for the whole year
  17. Procurement of other machineries and office equipment


Ms. Alicia DJ. Torres
OIC - General Services Office



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