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Citizen's Charter

In order to establish a more responsive and citizen-friendly governance, the Municipality of Binangonan complies with the CSC and DILG's call in formulating a Citizens' Charter that will serve as guidelines of frontline services in our Municipality. This contains information and instructions on how to avail the various services of our municipality, names of official and employees to approach, redress mechanism for grievances and feedback form to give opportunity for the public to give their comments and suggestions. In all, our Citizens' Charter will serve as a tool to educate the public of our services and to make our governance easier for both client and service provider.

This Citizens' Charter conforms to RA 9485, otherwise known as "The Anti Red Tape Act of 2007". The Act requires our local government to expedite action on all transactions as well as upgrade our frontline services dealing with the public. It seeks to cut bureaucratic red tape and clean up transactions in the government. And to carry this into effect, do close monitoring to ensure effective implementation and imposes stiff penalties on violators.

May our Citizens' Charter serve its purpose - that to provide and encourage a more effective and efficient delivery of services and focus on the commitment towards its citizen in respects of Standards of Services.


 Accounting Department  PDF/947 KB  View
 Admin Office  PDF/764 KB  View
 Agriculture Office  PDF/818 KB  View
 Assessor's Office  PDF/762 KB  View
 Binangonan Ecological and Solid Waste Management Office  PDF/764 KB  View
 Binangonan Municipal Community Health Center  PDF/879 KB  View
 Bureau of Fire Protection  PDF/1.37 MB  View
 Business Permit and Licensing Office  PDF/899 KB  View
 Binangonan Public Market  PDF/746 KB  View
 Budget Office  PDF/739 KB  View
 Engineering Office  PDF/976 KB  View
 Gender and Development Office  PDF/741 KB  View
 General Services Office  PDF/750 KB  View
 Health Office  PDF/845 KB  View
 Human Resource Management Office  PDF/805 KB  View
 Local Civil Registry Office  PDF/802 KB  View
 Mayor's Office  PDF/746 KB  View
 Municipal Planning and Development Office  PDF/917 KB  View
 Municipal Police Station PDF/720 KB  View
 Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office  PDF/782 KB  View
 Public Employment Service Office  PDF/757 KB  View
 Pharmacy  PDF/804 KB  View
 Public Information Office  PDF/142 KB  View
 Sangguniang Bayan  PDF/759 KB  View
 Slaughterhouse  PDF/784 KB  View
 Sports and Games Regulation Office  PDF/728 KB  View
 Tourism, Culture and Arts Office  PDF/755 KB  View
 Treasurer's Office  PDF/764 KB  View
 Wharf Section  PDF/768 KB  View



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