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Tourist Attractions

Thunderbird Resorts and Fiesta Casino


This multi-national recreation complex offers posh hotel rooms and suites for even the highly discriminating customers. Added to that is the Asian-inspired restaurants and well-appointed event center that can accommodate high-profile social events. Its chlorine-free swimming pool and open-aire Jacuzzi awaits tired bodies as they enjoy the sun and the sky while palms gracefully sway with the cool wind. There's no perfect place to quench your thirst for raking in fortune out of luck and chance but to pay a visit to Fiesta Casino.


Puente del Diablo


Some call it Punta del Diablo. Yet, since punta is "point or up" in Spanish and the legend tells of a "bridge", the proper terms seems to be the Spanish puente.

Puente del Diablo in Binangonan, Rizal is actually a peninsular hill about 20 meters high extending out some 100 meters in to the waters of Laguna de Bay. During summer when it has no vegetation growing from its many crags and cracks, its huge somewhat rectangular rocks give it the appearance of a ruined massive stone-bridge.

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Mount Calvary (Kalbaryo)


Taking the path of our saviour is truly a noble one while taking the path through the summit of Mt. Calvary (Kalbaryo) in Brgy. Libid is quite a good starting point to lead a sacrificial life. Approximately 288 steps from the foot to the holy cross, Kalbaryo will lead you to sanctify your soul by reflecting on your life while you slowly thread your way to the top. Once there, you will be welcomed by the image of our Most Holy of Calvary and might as well offer a prayer of thanks for His unending grace.


Sta. Ursula Parish Church


This over 200-year-old church is one of the most cherished edifices in the province. Built from 1792 until around 1800, the Sta. Ursula Parish Church in Brgy. Libid has undergone various renovations most notably in 1853 while preserving its original make up. Today, parishioners visit the church for its beauty, mystic aura and the unending promise of good, prosperous and fulfilling life.


Mount Tagapo Nature Park


Rising supremely at 270 meters high above sea level is the majestic Mt. Tagapo Nature Park - a dream trekking site for amateur and professional mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. More popularly known as "Bundok ng Susong Dalaga", it is located at the heart of Brgy. Janosa, Gulod and Sapang in which all have an access to its hilly terrains and ravines. It would take approximately 2 to 3 hours for one to get to its prized summit.


Talim Island


A dagger-shaped island at the heart of Laguna de Bay, Talim Island is endowed with mountains and hills such as Susong Dalaga and Dolores Hills. Islets include Pulong Ithan, Three Islets of Bunga, Malahi and Pulong Gitna. Hot springs in Ginoong Sanay, Tabon and Binitagan also exist. There are also fish pens located at the center of the lake and the water nearer the shore were developed for swimming, boating, sailing, water sports and other activities.


Eastridge Golf Club


Fair and well-manicured courses and a serene view of the Binangonan coast and skyline were the prime features of Eastridge Golf Course. This is an 18-hole, all weather golf course that spans 8 hectares located in Brgy. Bilibiran near Thunderbird Resorts. It is surrounded by lush tropical flora and flowering landscape that makes it a perfect backdrop to any kind of golf championships in the country.




Located at the boundary of Angono and Binangonan, the Petroglyphs was discovered by National Artist Carlos "Botong" Francisco in 1965. This cultural heritage site was certified by National Museum as dating back to circa 3000 B.C.; and is the most ancient Filipino relic. There are about 127 drawings of animal and human figures engraved in the rock. Previous archeological findings yielded fragment of earthen ware, obsidian flakes and shells.

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