Binalayan Festival


Situated between the foothills of Sierra Madre and the seaboard of Laguna de Bay, Rizal Province's first class and oldest municipality, Binangonan had conquered 72.70 sq. kilometer ground territory and its population occupies the 40 barangays of the town, 17 from Talim Island whilst 23 at the mainland. Its spectacular sunsets along the lake are dramatic afternoon scenes, which every Binangonan folk desire to witness.

Rich in historic past, Binangonan originated in the word "Bangon" which signified escalation and ascension in every downfall of its natives. Thus implicating that its people were notable heroes stood up to continue their fights and be of triumph over their battles.

Bordered by long coastline, its richness in aquatic resources led its natives in establishing chains of fishing industry not only in the town but in the province as a whole. Plenteous as its mountainous space; Binangonan is blessed by its bamboo orchards or "Kawayan" which developed its people's craftsmanship and directed them in the export industry of the country, hence making world-class bamboo product sold at the global market.

Binangonan as a nestle of lake "lawa" and bamboo "kawayan" introduces to the world its "BINAngonan sa LAwa at kawaYAN" or "BINALAYAN" Festival which mirrored its various historic, pulsating and highly entertaining celebration which showcases bamboo products and other marine merchandises exclusively made at the leading edge of Binangonan's culture and economy.

Unfold Binangonan and embark into an enchanting side trip at Binalayan Festival.



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