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Past Mayors


Jose Ynares



Manuel V. Ison



Clemente D. Antiporda



Antonio G. Sisante



Lorenzo F. Flores



Valentin C. Antazo



Julio A. Antiporda



Felix A. Katipunan



Emerencio Unida


Casimiro A. Ynares Sr.
1945-1946 / 1952-1959


Jose M. Pacis
1946-1947 / 1948-1951
/ 1960-1963


Pedro T. Fineza


Casimiro M. Ynares Jr.
1972-1986 / 1988-1992



Mariano Hugo G. Cervo



Isidro B. Pacis



Cesar M. Ynares



Cecilio M. Ynares




Casimiro Ynares, Sr. was elected Mayor and served from 1952 to 1956. Other officials were Vice Mayor Pedro Fineza, Councilors Bonifacio Gahol, Policarpio Aralar, Aniano Bautista, Bonifacio Capre, Antonio Antiporda and Alfredo Bonifacio.

Dr. Jose Pacis was the Mayor for two consecutive terms. Antonio Antiporda was the Vice Mayor while the re-elected councilors were Mariano Cervo, Francisco Matematico and Romulo de los Reyes. Newly elected councilors were Zoilo Estacio, Monico Tirana, Graciano Plegaria, and Lucio Cenina. During Pacis' term, a resolution specifying the construction of new municipal building in Calumpang was approved.

Atty. Pedro Fineza was elected Mayor in 1963. Under his banner, Vice Mayor Zoilo Estacio and eight councilors also won. The same line up made a clean sweep of the elections that followed. A lone opposition, Reynaldo Aralar, joined the council.

Casimiro Ynares, Jr., the youngest Mayor was elected in 1971. Other officers were Vice Mayor Zoilo Estacio and Councilors Mariano Erasga, Reynaldo Aralar, Pedro Vital, Jr. Felimon Gonzales, Remedios Paralejas, Lorenzo Barlinan, Pedro San Felipe and Macario Ceñidoza. Mayor Ynares remained unchallenged for 15 years because no elections were held after President Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law in 1972.

Atty. Mariano Cervo was appointed Officer-in-Charge (OIC) of Binangonan under the Revolutionary Government of President Corazon Aquino in 1986.

In the 1988 elections, Casimiro Ynares, Jr. won by landslide victory over the proteges of the national leaders. Atty. Joaquin Mendoza was the Vice Mayor. The elected councilors were Dr. Amos P. Callanta, Emiliana Rivera, Longino del Mundo, Ronaldo Ceñidoza, Antonio Reyes III, Mauricio A. Mixto, Jr., Lorenzo Lirio and Raul Miguel.

In 1992, in the first synchronized national and local elections that saw the fielding of multi-party candidates, Engr. Isidro B. Pacis won over six mayoralty aspirants. The Sangguniang Bayan was headed by Vice Mayor Amos Callanta with the following member-councilors: Raul Antazo, Esmer Discimulacion, Manuel Barretto, Jaime Aragones, Reynaldo Punelas, Jhoulan Aralar, Enrique Lirio and Arnel Chulvo.

Mayor Isidro Pacis was re-elected in 1995. Also re-elected were Vice Mayor Callanta along with Councilors Reynaldo Punelas, Manuel Barretto, Jaime Aragones, Jhoulan Aralar and Esmer Discimulacion. Newly elected were Allan Sunglao, Rhoniel Rivera and Mar S.J. Ceñidoza.

Engr. Cesar M. Ynares was elected in 1998 by an overwhelming majority vote against incumbent Mayor Isidro B. Pacis and Raul A. Miguel was elected as Vice Mayor. Elected Councilors were Alfredo O. Ceñidoza, Esmeraldo A. Discimulacion, Allan D. Sunglao, Reynaldo C. Dela Cuesta, Jaime A. Aragones, Ian P. Cervo, Jhoulan Aralar and Miguel P. Manuson.

In 2001 election, Engr. Cesar M. Ynares was re-elected against former Mayor Isidro B. Pacis. Also re-elected was Engr. Raul A. Miguel as Vice Mayor along with Councilors Alfredo C. Ceñidoza, Allan D. Sunglao, newly elected councilors were Jane Z. Apostadero, Cresencio M. Ojoy, Donato O. Paralejas, Ruben M. Patag, Domingo C. Francisco and Gilderaldo D. Antiporda.

The year 2004 proved to be another victorious year for Engr. Cesar M. Ynares who was the sole candidate for mayoralty seat. He was again re-elected together with Engr. Raul A. Miguel as Vice Mayor along with Councilors Jane Z. Apostadero, Cresencio M. Ojoy, Alfredo C. Ceñidoza, Donato Paralejas, Ruben M. Patag and Gilderaldo D. Antiporda, newly elected councilor was Mr. Cecilio M. Ynares.

In 2007 election, Cecilio M. Ynares was elected against Brgy. Captain Manuel Reyes of Brgy. Lunsad. Former Administrator Engr. Reynaldo dela Cuesta was elected as Vice Mayor. Re-elected Councilors were Jane Z. Apostadero, Cresencio M. Ojoy, Donato Paralejas, Ruben Patag, Gilderaldo Antiporda, Napo Mesa and newly elected Councilors were Ruben Magdalena and Rodel Cerrero.