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Christianization of the Natives

The first missionary group to work in the Philippines in 1574 was the Augustinians. In Rizal province, the Franciscans, led by Fr. Juan de Plasencia and Fr. Diego de Oropera, started evengelical work with the conversion of people from the Morong region.

The missionaries built a chapel near the lake to gain access in the native settlements around the lake area. The largest settlement was Batasin, a tribe of Negritos from Taytay, which was discovered during Salcedo's first expedition in 1571. This occupied the rocky terrain overlooking the Laguna de Bay, located west of the chapel.

Population growth started with families living near the chapel and added with converts from the outlying villages in the mainland and Talim Island. The gradual expansion of population around the chapel area was accomplished through the system of reducciones designed by Fr. Juan de Plasencia in 1577.

The expansion and increase in population could have been the basics for the name Binangonan, meaning the place where the new settlement rose. Unlike other towns which grew from within going outwards, Binangonan expanded from outside going inwards. The name was given at a time when the Spanish language had not made its impact yet on the native tongue.



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