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Existing Land Use

In the 1980's, the Municipality of Binangonan was generally an agricultural town with around 2,232.4 hectares or 30.70 percent of its total land area devoted  to agriculture. On the other hand, a significant area of 3,910.4 hectares or 53.79 percent of the total municipal land area were grasslands or idle lands. Other land uses in the same period were forest lands with 273 hectares or  3.76 percent, and built-up with 854.2 hectares or 11.75 percent, respectively.

The physical development mode of the municipality can be described as linear. People tend to concentrate along areas where roads and water transportation are available. Thus, built-up areas are scattered along the major roads and the coastline of Laguna de Bay.

In the 1990's, the town experienced rapid urbanization brought by increased commercial and industrial activities both within and the surrounding areas of the municipality. As a result of this condition, demand on more spaces was altogether felt. The most visible impact of urbanization was the conversion of agricultural lands to urban uses such as residential, commercial and industrial.

The area of agricultural lands was reduced to about 1,460.5 hectares. This figure represents a 65.42 percent reduction of agricultural lands from the 1980's to 1990's.

Cemeteries are concentrated in southern portion of the mainland. These are the privately-owned Catholic Cemetery in Layunan and Santo Rosarion Memorial Park in Gupiing, Lunsad, and the old municipal cemetery in Batingan which was bulldozed to give way to a new plan for development. On the other hand, the island barangays have three cemeteries located in Kaytome, Malakaban and Habagatan-Talim. Only one cemetery on the northern part of the mainland specifically at Barangay Bilibiran was constructed last 2005 and now operational, the East Garden Memorial Park.

On the other hand, urban land uses are distributed for residential, commerical, institutional and industrial purposes. Though, it can be noted, that there is a mix of uses that are incompatible such as residential and industrial establishment. Example of these are the Rizal Cement Company, Inc. in Calumpang, Grandspan Corporation in Tagpos and Ford Truck Philippines in Batingan. Commercial establishments are largely concentrated within the center of the town and caters to the needs of the local population. Other built-up areas of the municipality which are distributed municipal wide also have commercial activities interspersed with residential uses.

The dominant commercial establishments in the municipality includes retail stores and groceries, from input stores, business and personal services.



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