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Natural Drainage

In mainland, there are three rivers and one creek serving as natural drainage and Laguna Lake tributaries. These are River Lasi, Bilibiran and Darangan and Gupiing Creek.

The Lasi River serves as the draining area of the poblacion. The river source lies between the hilly portion of Mahabang Parang, passes the northern slopes of Kalbaryo in Libid, circles around the poblacion and flows out to Laguna Lake. It does not have a spring and its source of water is the rain.

The twisting river in Bilibiran continuously feeds Laguna Lake with cool, fresh water coming from a spring located in the hilly pasture land called Ray Tupas. The river is also a rich source of fresh water fish particularly water eels which are considered a delicacy. It is also a source of irrigation for rice fields along the bank and it nestles duck raising ventures in the area.

Darangan river serves as a repository of water from upland area during rainy season. It is used as canal for irrigation system installed between the river bank and Laguna Lake. Natural processes silted the mouth of the river but it is widened and deepened by dredging to induce inflow of lake water.

In Talim Island, each barangay has at least one natural creek which drains rainwater coming from mountainous areas to the Laguna Lake.



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